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INNORAIL is a bimonthly, Hungarian language specialized rail periodical that was founded with the intention of positively fostering the present and future of railways in Hungary. Our objective is to convey up-to-date knowledge to Hungarian experts by presenting design, construction, maintenance and operational experiences and results of scientific research as well as by sharing even scientific articles of analysis related to the individual topics from Hungary and abroad.

Hungary plays a pivotal role in the rail transport of the region and Europe alike as it is situated at the intersection of decisive transeuropean transport corridors.

In line with this, the government of Hungary considers Hungarian railways a national resource, therefore, it proclaimed the development of community transport and track-bound transport within it a special national objective.

By bringing INNORAIL, the periodical into being, we would like to contribute to the success of this cause through the unique tools a specialized magazine can offer.

According to our intentions, INNORAIL will also strengthen the objectives of the INNORAIL series of conferences organized every second year by offering a forum for an exchange of views between various areas of expertise on railway infrastructure, for the discussion of practical issues and for presenting innovative developments, tools and methods.

In between the INNORAIL conferences, the periodical can prove an efficient tool for representatives of the profession from Hungary and abroad to present opportunities for development and self-development, thus creating demand on the user side too. Besides helping engineers participating in design and implementation, our further objective is to also help the clients get to know current and future opportunities, latest technologies, and strategies, methods and solutions that have already proven their worth in Western Europe as quality can only be demanded and offered like this, in a prepared manner.


We would like to offer a discussion forum for making forward looking statements to decision makers in transport policy and economy, to infrastructure managers in Hungary and abroad,  to constructors, industrial partners, researchers, university students and to all theoretical and practical cultivators of the field.


In realizing our ideas, it will be at least as important that our periodical reach everybody – from designers, researchers and manufacturers through constructors to managers, ea., the most important places.

Therefore, our goal is to share INNORAIL with each and every rail expert in Hungary and with the decision makers influencing economic life: leading officials of ministries, Members of Parliament, professional associations, chambers, representatives of international organizations in Hungary, leaders of municipalities as well as actors of the market: the companies active in rail industry. We want to be present at the most important professional fora, professional exhibitions and conferences to share the periodical with the participants in this way too.

Our permanent columns will be as follows:

  • Strategy and transport policy
  • Infrastructure construction and management
  • Urban rails
  • Structures
  • Telecommunication, signalling equipment, traffic control, energy supply, catenaries and lighting technology
  • Development, operation and maintenance of rail vehicles

And we would also like to enrich and enliven our periodical with numerous topics related to the field (professional training, legislation, standards, conditions for infrastructure use, etc.).